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Winner of Paint!

After careful placing of numbers in blank boxes on the computer screen, and then completely forgetting to post, the winner of the charm pack is #12, Melissa Quinn. I’m sending an email to you for shipping info! I hope everyone can get their hands on some of Carrie’s new fabric!

The worst blogger ever,

Paint on the sidewalk

Carrie from Such Designs is at it again with her second fabric collection for Windham Fabrics. Her newest beauties are reminiscent of the first collection with some beautiful new additions that encompass her Paint Collection.

Gracie is collecting quilts to donate to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for her Mitzvah Project and I promised I’d make her the first quilt if she picked out a pattern. I made a simple quilt modeled after Pippa Quilts Sidewalk Quilt that she found on Pinterest. I have made one of these out of the Paint Collection for a benefit for Eric’s son that’s next weekend and the squares are all cut for Gracie’s quilts.

I call it Painting the Sidewalk and really love this quilt design and the fabrics I got to play with. I had a lot of fun working with the new fabrics and have to say that my favorites were the Schmutz pinwheels, Spackle paint chips and Periwinkle weave. I didn’t take a picture of the back, but I used the Periwinkle weave which is unbelievable in person and attached some periwinkle solid to the bottom. Made for a lovely effect.

To be entered to win a charm pack of each fabric from paint Collection, go to my Gracie’s Stitch-vah Mitzvah blog and leave her a comment of encouragement, then come back here and leave me a comment. (I know, I know! Lots of work, but it’s for a good cause!) I’ll pick a random winner on Monday night (Finney’s birthday!) at 10pm PST. Gracie’s blog a very young blog with few posts, but her Bat Mitzvah isn’t until next February, so she has time to pull it together! If you want to make a quilt for her, let her know!

The Eulogy I never wanted to write.

*Last week, I lost one of the most beautiful people I have ever known in a horrific and senseless tragedy. We’re still in shock, we’re still sick, and we have no answers, but I made it home and had some words to share about our Eric. I want everyone I know to know him, so I’m shining his light in your direction.*

People say that one of the worst things about growing up in a small town is that everybody knows everybody. I think it’s one of the best things, but I tend to look on the bright side and I don’t live here anymore. My theory, though, about it being one of the best things is completely proven by the love we see here tonight for Eric, and this is all because of him: his light, his smile, his love for life and his family, born and chosen. When we graduated high school 20 years ago, my address was Eric’s address, my house was Eric’s house and my parents were Eric’s parents. He was my brother.


If you ever hear someone say you don’t get to choose your family, be clear that we know that’s a damn lie. I honestly don’t know very many people who are lucky enough to be a part of a family like ours. It just doesn’t exist, not a family this big, that is rooted, strong and deep, in a love created many moons ago, before we truly knew just how big and beautiful and strong it would be and what it would all mean to us. No matter where we put our heads at night, we will always know that we have each other, even without Eric: our brother, our lover, our court jester, our king. We still have each other.


I’m not sure if it’s helpful or hurtful to know that one of Eric’s epic bear hugs would make me feel so much better right now. He gave the best hugs. He meant them with every fiber of his being. He wanted every cell in your body and your very soul to feel each ounce of his embrace. The knowledge of that will carry me forward. The memories I have will have to do.


One of my favorite memories that I share with a few of you is a night when we got stuck in a cave at Devil’s Prop, in what we thought was a thunderstorm. By the time it cleared up and we headed to Biggie’s where the power was out, we realized it wasn’t a mere storm, but that we’d been stuck in a tornado. We didn’t have time to be worried while it was happening, because Eric made it fun. He lit a fire and danced, we laughed, we loved. Eric was like that: a light in a storm, the sun in the sky. The world may be dimmer without Eric, but I’ll carry his supernova until we meet again in the stars.

Good night, my darling king.


winner winner!

The winner of the Cascade Quilt pattern is Tamie!

I hope you have fun with the pattern! It was so fun to whip up!

Happy November all!