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the 3rd week of february is so not my friend

hi. long time, no blog. been busy, went to a funeral, had guests, had a birthday, been busy. life happens, right? onward and upward.

last year, we had the dreaded tooth fiasco on february 17. this year, jilly fainted AGAIN on the same day. it was the cap on a pretty horrible week. everyone but the boy ended up getting sick-

~hahahahahahaha. this was as far as i’d gotten last friday when i started this post. guess what happened the very next day? i’ll give you three guesses & the first 2 don’t count…

it all started on tuesday morning, when jilly & scout were getting ready to go to school. i changed jilly’s earrings to her dangly, winnie the pooh earrings & started to change scout’s to her dangly, polka-dotted mickey mouse heads, but she felt woozy* & we went to the bathroom where she promptly barfed. now, i can’t be sure if she was really sick or if it was related to her changing her earrings, which have the long, curved post that is thicker than their amethyst studs. it seems like a case of vaso-vagal syncope. although she didn’t pass out, her body reacted to the stress of having her earrings changed by getting sick. after consulting my family nurse (my mom) she said both girls seem to have the vaso-vagal syncope when their body reacts to stress by fainting or hurling. i have it**, too, so it’s not unlikely that they do this.

~o. m. g. (as he would say) the boy just puked again. nothing like live-blogging my kid’s emesis, eh?

scout stayed home on tuesday, which meant that justice was going to have a horrible day at school, which he did. he does not like going to school if one of his big sisters is home sick. cute, but lame, since he turns into a big meany-head.

everyone went to school on wednesday.

that night, while using the potty, jamison told me it hurt. when asked if it was her tushie, she said no. she pulled up her shirt to show me that it was her tummy, put her hands on her mouth & promptly blew chunks on the bathroom floor. i picked her up and headed her to the toilet (she was using her little potty) where she finished the job. poor girl started crying and sobbed through telling me she needed to take a bath. we cleaned up, took a bath & went to bed.

kid #2 down for the count.

to the one year anniversary of the tooth business. scout went to bed wednesday after school not feeling well. she took a nap & woke up with a fever. she had no symptoms before then, and didn’t tell me that she didn’t feel well that morning. again, she stayed home. after school, jilly wanted me to change her earrings to her dangly, polka-dotted mickey mouse heads like her sister tried on. while standing in front of our closet door mirror, she said they hurt, probably because the post is bigger, like i said before.

half-way through the second earring, her head started to bob.

i grabbed her (thank goodness for much faster reflexes this year!) put her on the floor, where she seized up her arms to her chest, went pale & rolled her eyes. i drug her to my bathroom in case she got sick like scout. halfway there she perked up and asked me what i was doing. i told her passed out and wanted her in the bathroom in case she got sick. she didn’t, thank goodness, but i wanted to be prepared. after going to bed, drinking water and simply resting for about an hour, she was fine.

3 kids down

saturday night, we went to bob and lou’s to celebrate a birthday & justice was fine. he ran around with the others and had a grand time, like always. right after presents, he cuddled me on the couch and said his throat hurt. he was on fire & pale, so i figured he was the final nail into my week-of-hell coffin. now, when this guy gets sick, it hits him like a ton of bricks. 0 to 60 in under 10 seconds. that night was pretty bad with him crying out in bed a lot. i slept in the bottom bunk with him for a couple of hours. once his fever came down i went back to my bed. yesterday, we managed his fever (JILLY GOT ONE, TOO!) and thought he might rally today. he was much better this morning, but at lunch he said he couldn’t stop shaking. the fever was back, and he wanted to rest. this boy never rests. 30 minutes in my bed, then, he went to his own so he could snuggle with hazel (no cats in our room, since my husband thinks he’s allergic.)

thank the baby jesus in heaven he wanted to cuddle that kitty.

after i put jamison in bed, we read books for about 20 minutes. just after drinking about 1/4 cup of requested water, he wretched, i scooped him up, and he ralphed all the way to his bathroom, where i slipped on the barf, fell on my ass, and held him up to finish the job. dude could barely comprehend what was happening. i tossed him into the bath, cleaned up as best i could, and joined him to cleanse myself, all the while listening to miss james cry in her bedroom. by the time i got him situated on the couch with a snuggie and a trash can, she was asleep.

he seems much better now, but i have to figure out how to get the girls to glee and manage some physical therapy this week, since i seem to have irritated my IT band (whatever that is) by running. i really should do some strength training, but that’s for another post on another day.

did i mention the ragnar relay is this weekend? where i’ll be running three relay legs at 5.9 miles, 4 miles and 4.7 miles? i’m excited, but a little worried about the injury. i did get a hot tip on k t tape, so i bought some and will be using it all weekend, as well as the lift my PT gave me last week for my right shoe. it seems to help, so i’ll go with it. for now, i’ll take care of my kiddo & relax.

*these girls and their earrings. they won’t take them out themselves & when i do clean them, they have to hold each other’s hand of squeeze a cuddly. while cute that they love each other so much, it’s maddening since i think they should be able to do it themselves.

**i have passed out from having my broken collar bone set (’93,) trying to give blood (’93,) at a party in college where i hadn’t been drinking (’97,) when jilly had a bloody nose in the middle of the night (’08,) and when jilly broke her tooth (’10.)

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