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i had a pto meeting tonight & had to take the kids with me. i made noodles & brought grapes for them to munch on while i had the distinct pleasure of listening to a select few yammer on about the budget. (yes, i know the budget is extremely important, but i always tune out and check twitter when they talk about monies.)

as soon as we got there i set up the four kids with four bowls full of ramen & a bag of grapes. miss james said she didn’t want any & followed me to my seat where she promptly climbed into my lap and fell asleep.

at 6:30 pm

6:30 and passed out

she woke up for the car ride home, but wanted to go to bed 5 minutes later. she woke up once wanting to rush her teeth and get vities.

i have a feeling it might be a long night.

on a completely unrelated note, i’m in the growing out process with the hair & it’s to the point where i kinda hate it. at least i have a hair appointment on friday.

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