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oh, golly.

i guess i was just a bit early on this one.

speaking of dooce, i was surprised to not see her and pioneer woman on this babble voices blog list. i guess they have their own empires.

and there she is:

guess she had to finish up her marathon before she could get started. heh. and even though i know you aren’t reading this, heather, i’m incredibly humbled by your dedication to the cause and your serious cojones for thinking you could train for a marathon in such a short time. you’re cute. and funny.

i’m saying all of this with a laugh, folks. neil got me re-thinking about the way things work out here and i ended up at babble because of this post of his. neil posted about the babble lists that have just started including dads the morning that babble announced it was bought by disney. (i guess that means we get to hear about the free! awesome! fun! trips all the babble voices bloggers get to take to disney in their old navy wardrobes now. #jealousmuchjenny #yestotally #thatshitisexpensive!) he had a follow-up post that afternoon mocking himself and his horrendous/hilarious timing.

to put it bluntly, i think the lists are hand-holding and cockamamie traffic drivers. i don’t care if i have traffic. i just like to write a few things down and communicate with others through my blog, flickr, twitter, etc.

babble’s lists tend to marginalize readers like me since they tend to list the same 50 blogs in a different order. why not have the revolving door list where they have to come up with new blogs to share? most of us know about the 50 blogs on the list every time. show us something fresh.

sometimes their lists don’t even make a lick of sense to me. on a list of “best twitter moms” someone included in the top 10 had over 30k followers, followed only a few hundred and very rarely tweets to people. most tweets are photos or blog links and no conversation. i call shenanigans on that one.

will it change? well, it hasn’t yet and i don’t expect it to any time soon. i’ll just keep on typing away to a very few and enjoy it while i watch them all walk around with mickey mouse ears.

and try not to pout too much about it.

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  • I’m just holding out for babble.com to start up a puppyblogger channel. I’m thinking now since Disney bought them and Goofy is still on the board, I have a chance. Please, please, please.. :-)

  • I mean, are adults blogging under the name ‘babble’ really thinking that someone is taking them seriously. And women? Isn’t that what women’s lib was all about – not ‘babbling,’ actually talking in succinct, informative sentences to convey information. I would consider it rather degrading myself to be asked to ‘babble.’

    And, speaking of corporate sponsorship, Keri Smith’s blog has lately discussed some of her concerns with bloggers being “bought out” or sponsored by companies just wanting cheaper advertising and influence over a new group of people.

  • which is why i don’t read Dooce or Babble. :)

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