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i wonder…

if i can manage my time enough to

-post more

-clean more

-sew more

-read more

-enjoy more

-laugh more

-live more

-focus more

-love more

i’ve done a horrible job of it so far. my last post was practically 2 months ago on june 1st. the blogging, at least, has been sporadic, at best. i sew, forget to take photos, forget to post, think about grand things to write, but never have the time to do it. as much as i’d hate to make one, i wonder if a schedule would help. always find the time to blog by writing it in.

the next year will be a test as to whether or not i stick with the blog. i’ve got more to do in real life starting next month and will (hopefully) get to tell you about it once it happens. until then, i leave you with my inclusion in a list of the 50 best instagram photos:

4th of July toes

so there’s that.

3 comments to i wonder…

  • I hear ya! I have such a hard time getting if all done. I’m definitely making a back to school schedule. I’ve also been putting my blog topics as my lock screen so I see them constantly. It’s been helpful.

  • You know, I have basically Sucked At Life this year. It’s all so chaotic. So much transitioning, for everyone.

    When I saw that picture on Instagram I was delighted at how much their little feet looked exactly like yours. There didn’t seem to be a non-creepy way to say that at the time.

    I love you, sweet friend. Time will be kinder to us soon.

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