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my boy done me proud

I had a whole post written about how proud I was of my boy.

I was going to tell you that he ran over 2 miles yesterday in a school fundraiser.

I was going to tell you that he made a video and sent it to friends and family and raised over $1000 for his school and children in Peru.

I was going to tell you how proud he was when he would win the prizes for the various levels of fundraising.

I was going to tell you that he gave away one of those prizes because he had one at home.

I was going to tell you how that friend told him that he was selfless for giving him the gigaball.

I was going to show you the video he made and ask for more donations since he’s 8 people donating $30 away from winning an iPad mini.

instead, I’m just going to tell you how proud I am of all he accomplished this week. things we never thought he’d do. he shuffles from the batter’s box to 1st base in baseball. he’s the pokiest little puppy you ever did see. never did i think he’d run 1 mile, let alone 2. sometimes, these kiddos surprise us in the best way, and my boy did that for me this week. he’ll walk away from the apex fun run with a sense of determination, self worth, and knowing that there are things out there bigger than him. he’ll see that he can make goals and surpass them. he’ll see that he’s giving back to his school community (which needs it terribly in this state. don’t get me started on how per pupil spending compares to per prisoner spending, $6000 vs. $25,000, FYI) and the world at large, when the apex organization donates 4000 school supply kits to Peruvian children who wouldn’t have them, otherwise. he’ll see how many people care about him web we make thank you videos next week and he personalizes each one. and he’ll be surprised when he gets a scooter today at school. normally, I wouldn’t have tried to help him so much, but he learned so much through apex in their character education lessons and goal setting that he really does deserve to be rewarded.

my heart is full and his will be, too, no matter what he gets.

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  • Jenny, I’m not a momma (just a PROUD auntie of many-biological and other!), but I love all kids, and I have tears of pride running down my cheeks right now. Love that boy of your’s and his big generous heart. And if he still needs a donation, tell me where to make it. He done good.

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