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Cascade Quilt top and a giveaway!

Long time, no see!

Last month, Susannah Kate asked her Instagram followers if they’d like to test her new quilt pattern for the Cascade Quilt. Although I consider myself an intermediate to advanced quilter, I’ve never made one from a pattern so I jumped on the idea. I have a ton of fabric in my stash and went to my DS Quilts collection from Joann’s. I settled on red and green with the intention of it being a Christmas quilt. I ended up loving the twist on a plus quilt and found the pattern really easy to follow.

Cascade quilt top

Cutting the plusses before sewing and tossing them in labeled bags and having the background fabric cut and labeled was a huge help in getting the top put together very quickly. I think a beginning quitter could easily get this done and more advanced quilters could have a lot of fun with it. The only thing I suggest is thinking about where you want your colors to rest. I didn’t lay it out before I sewed and ended up with a big chunk of red on the right and a big chunk of green on the bottom. I don’t mind it, but just be on the lookout if that’s not something you’d like if you make it a two color quilt. I alternated green and red as odd/even numbers, so don’t go that route if you want more randomness.

If I didn’t have 5 Halloween costumes to make, I would have finished it, but at least I have time to get it done before Christmas this year, right?!?

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the Cascade Quilt pattern from Susannah Kate’s etsy shop leave a comment with what fabric/color palette/etc. you might use for the quilt. I’ll pick a random number tomorrow at noon, Arizona time. Be sure your email is either linked to your comment or you leave it in the comment. Visit the other blogs to win a copy there, as well!

If you end up making the quilt, you can add the hashtag #cascadequilt to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to get yourself in the pools there.

Oct 26 – Trina @ www.trinapeterson.com
Oct 27 – Alex @ www.sewcutebyalex.blogspot.com
Oct 28 – Diane @ www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com
Oct 29 – Jenny Mae @ www.ohjennymae.com
Oct 30 – Courtney @ www.monpetitlyons.blogspot.com
Oct 31 – Heather @ www.quiltsinthequeue.com
Nov 1 – Mary @ www.fairlymerry.blogspot.com
Nov 2 – Summer @ www.artfulife.blogspot.com
Nov 3 – Susannah Kate @ www.susannahkate.com

Also, please visit Amber @ www.olivegypsy.wordpress.com where you can see another post about the quilt with great photos.

I can’t leave out the cute picture of Finney and Molly holding it up this morning before school. It was too overcast to see all the colors, so I took a better one when I came home from music class.

Cascade Quilt top!

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